CoreDisc10 Sliding Training System

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The complete package,  It's time get yours today.

A grade Acrylic Discs 1 large and 2 small plus A grade Felt Pads 1 large and 2 small all  with red outer stitching. Finishing the package off  with its very own draw string gym bag.

Australian Designed and Made. (Limited Stock.)


  • Can be used as an effective cardio workout! (Simply increase the speed for each exercise)
  • Strength training without weights
  • Develops multiple core muscles at the same time throughout all exercises
  • Can be used to tone and develop muscle (legs, buttocks, arms, shoulders and backs)
  • Assists in weight-loss
  • Awesome for stretching and rehabilitation movements
  • Increases flexibility and full range of movement
Be Core-ageous!
“An absolute MUST for fitness trainers, physiotherapists,
and people that live and train on-the-go!”

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